Stained Glass windows are a very personal kind of art to add the beauty and value to your home, work space, classroom, studio, or church.

I create customized stained glass windows for any space; they can fit over existing glass windows or simply hang in front. My windows are perfect for homes: bathrooms, entries doors, kitchens, personal crests, and more. They add elegance to businesses of all kinds, from design studios to restaurants, taverns, salons, boutiques, and more. And of course, stained glass is a perfect addition to your house of worship.

With stained glass, the theme and colors reflect your interests and personality, and the result is always beautiful. The collections and choices are endless. Flexible pricing ensures a window can fit any budget.

The design and pattern is the most important step in the commission of a window. I work with you to get exactly what fits perfectly according to the light, the room, and the people who will see both sides of the window.

I ship stained glass windows all over the continental US, and I give free consultations and bids.

Contact me today to discuss design options.

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