The preservation and repair of stained glass has become a concern as the glass art from the 19th and 20th Century ages.

The owner of the older stained glass is faced with problems such as deteriorating lead and glass, flaking glass paint, bowing, sagging, energy conservation, and loss of putty.

Careful consideration is required for the preservation of the historic antique glass. The techniques of removal, transport, repair and restoration as well as framing repair and re-installation are all specific to the restoration process.

After much study, we remove the damaged window and bring it to our studio to carefully soak it apart, clean the glass, and reconstruct the window. We use as much of the original glass as possible, while closely matching and replacing the damaged glass with modern glass.  All of the aged lead, solder and putty are removed and replaced. In addition, modern in-lead steel reinforcement and new framing techniques are used. We then re-install the window into your building site, using caulk and putty for energy efficiency and guaranteeing stability over the next 100 years.

Before Restoration

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Winlock, Washington, 1915, vandalized in 2010. The entire wall of windows was destroyed.

After Restoration

In four months we removed, repaired, framed and reinstalled these windows using 75% of the original antique glass.

Cleaning of 16th Century Italian Church Medallions

These are images of before and after images of six 18″ medallions I cleaned and preserved .

Client Repair Work

All images Copyright Marcy Anholt