The way the light transmits and reflects through stained glass is one of the most intriguing aspects of the design. I choose only the finest art glass from respected companies. I search for the perfect color and texture to enhance the colorful light that you will see.

Printed materials can never show what art glass looks like exactly because the light changes all day, and so does the mood of the window. Please see these web sites to get an idea of the hundreds of color and texture options.

Ocean Glass:

Kokomo Opalescent Glass:

Uroboros Glass Company:

Paul Wissmach Glass Company:

Lead is chosen for strength, size, flexibility and quality. Lead comes with steel, copper or brass internal reinforcements for strength in large projects. Most of my lead is imported from Germany.

Bevels and Bevel clusters add an amazing impact to any window, as the light is reflected from the cut edge, so it shines in a beautiful outline of the design. For an idea of bevels, visit Mika Glass at


All of my windows are custom made to fit your space. They can be directly installed over your existing window, or framed in hardwood to hang in front of a window. For either type of window, we can deliver and install each piece ourselves for an additional fee.

“Working Large” is a stained glass concept that encompasses really large pieces and projects. This requires careful planning, patterning, and installation for the many steel reinforcements hidden in the pattern or installed on the exterior. We can handle large equipment and the transportation and installation of our windows ourselves.

All images Copyright Marcy Anholt